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Welcome to MLB Odds Pro Baseball Betting Lines

Baseball betting Odds is becoming more popular and it is been more enjoyable each year by more people.

Baseball betting odds have some differences than football or basketball odds because baseball is a money line sport.

A really good bettor can make a huge profit out of this great sport. It requires just a matter of time to get to know this proccess very well.

We like to share the following list for you to be able to keep an eye on the best teams on the last years:

List Of Past World Series Champions (Since 2000)
2010 World Series Champions: San Francisco Giants
2009 World Series Champions: New York Yankees
2008 World Series Champions: Philadelphia Phillies
2007 World Series Champions: Boston Red Sox
2006 World Series Champions: St. Louis Cardinals
2005 World Series Champions: Chicago White Sox
2004 World Series Champions: Boston Red Sox
2003 World Series Champions: Florida Marlins
2002 World Series Champions: Anaheim Angels
2001 World Series Champions: Arizona Diamondbacks
2000 World Series Champions: New York Yankees


Baseball fans, another MLB World Series will soon be here and right now would be the best tome to place your bet on your favorite team to win the 2011 MLB World Series, while the odds are still hot. With only a few games left in the MLB regular season, the odds to win the World Series are fresh and all up for grabs. A lot could happen by the time the World Series comes around and now it's the best time to lock in some amazing odds. Bet MLB World Series Baseball Today

2008 MLB World Series Results

2007 MLB World Series Results


2013 College World Series

The College World Series Baseball tournament is one of the greatest sporting events in America today. The College World Series is played at Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha, Nebraska.

The 2013 College World Series will begin on June 15 and conclude June 26, 2013 on Omaha. All 17 possible baseball games will be televised wither on ESPN or ESPN2.

With a contract in place keeping the College World Series in Omaha through, we will continue to see the greatest baseball from the college game in the classic Nebraska location. More College World Series Baseball

Value in the MLB baseball lines

A common question that arises when betting on baseball, is what constitutes a good line? Most of the time (though the Yankees were well over average in 1998, and the Marlins below) baseball teams will win between 40% - 60% of their games. The baseball bettor must determine what they believe are the chances of a team beating another in a given situation, and then relate that to what- price is being given by the bookmakers.

  Why should you bet on MLB baseball odds or MLB baseball run lines

Just a short explanation as to why you would play the baseball odds or run line, instead of the official line.

Here's an example:

Randy Johnson is pitching for the Yankees and opposing Brian Meadows and the       Royals. The money line is Yankees -320 and the baseball odds, or run line, is Boston -1.5   -150. This means that you can bet Boston to win the game by more than one run and only have to lay $150 to win $100 rather than the $320 with a straight money line wager.

However, by taking the baseball odds, or run line, you significantly reduce the amount of money you must risk.

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